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New batch of updates

September 26, 2006ByDave Fetterman

We've received lots of great feedback from all of you and made some changes to the API that we hope you'll like. This round of changes includes:

  • New fields for users.getInfo: status, wall_count, notes_count, and religion.
  • Since we added wall_count to users.getInfo, we are deprecating the wall.getCount function. We think you'll like this new variation better, so that you can get the wall_count of a bunch of users at once with a single call. We'll leave it in for a couple weeks to give you guys time to switch over.
  • To make it easier for your users to interact with Facebook, you can now link users to message pages with pre-filled messages, as well as to a form to make a new wall post, as described here.
  • We added "type" attributes to some of our returned nodes. Hopefully this will help some of you with your XML parsing.
  • Finally, since some of you asked for it, we added to our list of functions - mainly just useful for desktop applications.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy!