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Introducing Facebook Platform for Mobile

October 24, 2007ByDave Morin

At Facebook, we care deeply about the future of mobile development. And, today we are taking an open approach to giving you access to two new ways to integrate with Facebook Mobile, making it easier than ever to build for the mobile web.

Profile and Canvas
First, with a new FBML tag (fb:mobile) you will be able to integrate your applications into the mobile XHTML version of Facebook ( on profile and canvas pages. Any content you include in this new tag will be rendered exclusively on the mobile site.

Second, we are opening methods which enable you to access our SMS platform. This will enable you to directly interact with Facebook users through SMS. Users will also be able to interact with each other through your application by SMS as well.

We think mobile is the next great frontier for developers, and are excited to see the great things that you create with these new and innovative integration points with Facebook Platform.

To see these new integration points in action check out the new Blackberry application on the client side. And, for a full-featured SMS and XHTML integration, check out Causes.

Learn more about Facebook Platform for Mobile here>