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Operation Developer Love: Europe Recap

One of our goals with Operation Developer Love is to have more opportunities to hear from you and accelerate your app development on Facebook Platform. We recently hosted events in Berlin, Paris, and London to engage with hundreds of developers, share how to effectively build social apps, and collect feedback on Facebook Platform. Thank you to everyone who came out to these events.

As promised, our presentations, sample code, and videos are now available on the Dev Site:

Welcome & Platform Overview

Social Design

Social Channels: Driving traffic to your app


Mobile Single Sign-On

Graph API


Making Euros: Ads + Credits

The trip has been invaluable to us as we think through the next steps for our products and programs. Event highlights below:

  • Berlin HACK: Over 375 developers attended, with doors opening at 10am followed by two hours of presentations, Q&A, six hours of hacking, presentations from finished hacks, and awards to the top apps. The top three apps were awarded “Move Fast, Break Things” posters: Ultimate Hack Aftershowparty Awesome Woooooooogaa Badge Generator, Die Socialisten, DoNation app, and Buddy Beers. More pictures here.
  • Paris Dev Garage: The Dev Garage was completely sold out with over 150 developers in attendance. The event was livestreamed with nearly 1000 unique viewers. We presented alongside local French developers who shared their experiences building on the Platform. To attend future events in Paris, like our France Developer Garage Page.
  • London Startup Day: Our first Startup Day outside the U.S. We had the opportunity to deeply engage with seventeen startups building “social from the ground up” experiences using Facebook. Startups included AppsFire, ArtFinder, and Bambuser.

We look forward to hosting future developer events and working with community leaders in your area. We hope you find this material helpful as you build great social experiences with Facebook.

Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below.