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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

March 25, 2011ByCat Lee

This week, Operation Developer Love is coming from Facebook HACK: Berlin, where we presented and demoed Platform bootcamp, hacked with over 375 developers, and announced a partnership with Seedcamp to build the next generation of social apps in Europe.

Usage Notes

We recently added a “Usage Notes” section to reference docs to help you better understand the intended use cases for our Platform features and to help you comply with our Platform policies. For example, we recently added usage notes to Friend Dialogs. These dialogs are intended to help users become friends on Facebook with people that they are connected to in real life. You should not use this feature to encourage users to friend other users that they are not connected to in real life. If your app is found to be encouraging this behavior, your usage of this feature may be disabled.

Fixing Bugs

Bugzilla activity for the past 7 days:

  • 205 new bugs were reported
  • 38 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 15 bugs were fixed (13 previously reported bugs and 2 new bugs)
  • As of today, there are 1,204 open bugs in Bugzilla (up 58 from last week)

Forum Activity

Developer Forum activity for the past 7 days:

  • 631 New Topics Created
  • 291 New Topics received a reply
  • Of those 291, 39 were replied to by a Facebook Employee
  • Of those 291, 37 were replied to by a community moderator