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More Distribution and Visibility

October 21, 2007ByAkhil Wable

In an effort to continue providing new ways to distribute your applications, we're making the Application Directory and app "about" pages available to people who are not logged in. We are also enabling these pages to be indexed by search engines like Google, Windows Live, Yahoo!, etc., so that everyone can discover your applications, not just current Facebook users. In addition to containing information about your applications, a large part of why app about pages are useful is because of what users have to say about your app. So, we've decided to allow logged out users to read reviews and the discussion board so that they can get a full picture of what an app has to offer.

As always, we've made sure that this change respects everyone's privacy settings. This means that:

  • We will show only first names for all users, and a profile picture will be displayed only if the user allows it in their public listing. This includes the developers of the app.
  • Logged out users will only have read access to the content on the about pages.


The goal of this change is to increase visibility for your applications, so users can find applications that they love using, and you can have more potential users trying your applications. You should start seeing your application about pages in web search results in a few days.