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Application Roles and Security Features

January 27, 2011ByHarshdeep Singh

Yesterday we announced new security features to protect users’ accounts, and today we’re releasing security features for Platform applications.

As companies building on Platform grow, they develop the need to give people different levels of access, depending on individuals' roles. Based on feedback from developers, we’re introducing the following application roles:

  • Administrator - complete access to the application and all its settings
  • Developer - can modify all technical settings and access Insights but cannot reset secret key, delete application, or add additional users
  • Tester - can test the application in sandbox mode but cannot modify the application
  • Insights User - can access Insights but cannot modify the application

With this update, all users currently listed as a developer will be granted administrator access to your applications. We recommend that you update your roles appropriately.

In addition, we are introducing new ways to monitor and control changes to your application. To help businesses track changes, administrators can now specify an email address to receive notifications when their application's settings are modified. We’ve also introduced an advanced security feature, which lets administrators require that changes are made from specific IP addresses.

More detailed information about these security features is available in our developer documentation. We hope these improvements make it easier to manage and control access to your applications. Again, don’t forget to visit the Developer App to update the user roles and security settings for your applications.

Harsh is an engineer in the Platform Infrastructure team.