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HTML5 Games 0.1

This evening we hosted a standing room only HTML5 Tech Talk with Charles Jolley (SproutCore) and Laurent Desegur (Zynga) that was joined by over 900 people on the livestream.

Before the event, Cory Ondrejka (who runs our game platform engineering team and also spoke at the event) posted HTML5 Games 0.1: Speedy Sprites to our Engineering Blog.

Cory and team are focused on pushing the limits of HTML5 for games and just released JSGameBench on GitHub. JSGameBench helps us track the performance of browsers as we build out next-generation HTML5 platforms and experiences at Facebook.

If you are interested in the promise of HTML5 and the engineering challenges left to be tackled check out Speedy Sprites.

For those of you that missed the talk, you can enjoy it below.