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Building with HTML5 Tech Talk

January 19, 2011ByDavid Recordon

HTML5 (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) is really pushing forward what's possible inside of your Web browser, blurring the line between Web and native apps. We have high hopes for HTML5 and have already begun to use it in our products. We hope HTML5 will help developers everywhere address one significant engineering challenge we face daily: the need to support different platforms across the Web, desktop and mobile devices. Imagine if you could build your app once and have it scale across all of these platforms using nothing more than HTML, JavaScript and CSS. That is the promise of the Web and promise we are working to meet.

Toward this end, we're hosting a Tech Talk next Wednesday, January 26 at 7PM PST where we will explore how Facebook, Zynga, and SproutCore are currently using these technologies.

Laurent Desegur (Zynga) - Zynga recently launched their mobile version of Mafia Wars built fully with HTML and JavaScript. Laurent will talk about the successes as well as some challenges, mostly regarding variations between browsers, native shims, and performance.

Charles Jolley (SproutCore) - SproutCore is an HTML5 app framework for building responsive, desktop-caliber apps in any modern Web browser. Charles will give an overview of how to use SproutCore in your own applications to take advantage of the latest Web technologies.

Cory Ondrejka (Facebook) - Cory will speak about a project that exercises browsers under game-like conditions to measure how many sprites can move around on the screen at once. The server collects the performance data and spits it back in several forms.

If you can't make it to our offices in Palo Alto, California, you can catch a live stream of the talk at More information can be found at