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Platform Updates: API Fixes, iOS SDK and More

API fixes and minor features
We are rolling up several bug fixes and minor features that could break existing applications into a new migration called “November 2010 Rollup,” which you can enable from the Advanced tab of the Developer Application.

This is the first of several monthly migrations we have planned. Each migration is “opt-in,” meaning that developers must enable the migration before the fixes/features take effect. One month following the introduction of the migration, the migration will be enabled by default for new applications. After three months, the migration will be automatically enabled for all applications. This should give developers the time they need to address make any necessary changes, and we will list these deadlines on the developer roadmap.

The following outlines the changes included in this migration:

  • Graph API: The fan_count attribute on the Page object will be renamed to likes.
  • Graph API: The likes connection on the Post object will include both the count and the users that have liked the object.
  • Graph API: All id fields returned by POST calls will be typed as strings.
  • Graph API: For events, start_time and end_time will use UTC time rather than Pacific time. This address a common (and vocal) request from the community.
  • FQL: The networks field in privacy table will be 'ALL_NETWORKS' instead of '1' if an object is shared for all of user's networks.

iOS SDK with single sign-on
The single sign-on functionality that we announced last week is now available for developers in the latest version of the Facebook iOS SDK.

Operation Developer Love
Bugzilla activity for the past seven days:

  • 185 new bugs were reported
  • 31 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 24 bugs were fixed (19 previously reported bugs and 5 new bugs)
  • As of today, there are 4,286 open bugs in Bugzilla

Developer Forum activity for the past seven days:

  • 615 new topics were created
  • 363 topics received at least one reply in the past week
  • Of the 363 threads, 127 were replied to by an admin
  • Of the 363 threads, 39 were replied to by a moderator

Doug Purdy is Director of Developer Relations for Facebook.