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Expanding Facebook Credits

October 13, 2010ByGeorge Lee

Today, we’re announcing a significant expansion in the number of developers that can be part of Facebook Credits, the virtual currency used in games and applications on Facebook. And working with our friends at PlaySpan, we plan to add more than 20 new ways for people to pay for Facebook Credits in the coming months.

Our goal with Facebook Credits is to give people that use Facebook an easy, convenient and trusted way to buy premium items in games and applications, while creating unique opportunities for developers to build successful, sustainable businesses.

When we first launched Facebook Platform in 2007, we knew that we wanted to offer a way for developers to make money from their applications. Since then, we’ve created a unified and trusted virtual currency to deliver the best experience for people on Facebook and pay dividends for developers.

Expanded Program
We’ve seen a great demand for Facebook Credits since we started testing in May 2009 and expanded the beta in February this year. Facebook Credits are now used in more than 200 games and applications on Facebook from more than 75 developers.

We’re now able to add more developers to the program more rapidly. Our goal still remains the same: to enable you to focus on creating innovative games and applications, while Facebook takes care of processing payments, dealing with fraud and adding new payment methods.

To sign up for the expanded program, visit the Facebook Credits page for developers. We won’t be able to accommodate everyone immediately, but we’re excited to open up Facebook Credits to many more developers.

New Payment Options
We’ve been listening and working closely with developers to build out Facebook Credits. In addition to offering payments in 15 currencies, we’re introducing new ways to earn and pay for Credits, such as MOL points in Asia and gift cards through Target in the U.S.

Working with PlaySpan, we plan to add many more ways to pay for Facebook Credits in the coming months, and some are already available in certain markets. Look for Paysafecard, Wallie card, bank transfer, and Boleto Bancario in the coming months.

These payment options are designed to make it easier for all developers on Facebook Platform to expand their international reach, attract a broader set of people to their games and applications, and grow their businesses.

If you’re a developer using Facebook Credits, you won’t have to do anything to offer these new payment options — they will simply appear to people based on the country or region where they are located, in the same familiar interface. It goes without saying that we’ll continue to offer our existing payment options, which include popular credit cards, PayPal and mobile phones.

George, a product manager for Facebook Credits, is working on new ways to help people get and spend Credits.