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Platform Updates: Live Stream, Like Button and Real-time

September 27, 2010ByNamita Gupta

We want share a few new features that we recently released:

Updated Live Stream Plugin
We’re rolling out an update to the Live Stream plugin for all new and existing applications to be more consistent with users’ expectations and other social plugins. In this new version, all posts can be seen in real-time by other people viewing the Live Stream, and we’re adding the option for users to not share their comments on Facebook. We also now support multiple Live Streams on one website by specifying a via URL, which will link status updates to their respective pages.

Liked articles appearing in search results
Consistent with how we treat other Open Graph object types, we’ve introduced the ability to see articles shared by your friends in the search typeahead. For instance, if your friend clicks “Like” on an article at a news site, the article will appear in your News Feed and can now also surface in the search type ahead.

Improvements to Real-time updates
We recently began supporting real-time updates for page updates and the following object property types: relationship status, significant other, timezone and locale. To support developers building with users’ location data, we’ve also introduced the ability to subscribe to check-ins. Like all objects available via subscriptions, developers can only retrieve updates to check-in data after a user has the granted permission.

Staying Informed
We encourage you to subscribe to this blog, where we announce all new features and changes. As always, we welcome your feedback on these changes in the Developer Forum.

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