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New method for publishing user actions to feed

October 10, 2007ByJames Wang

We added a new method tonight:

This new method provides a superset of the functionality of feed.publishActionOfUser, which we will eventually be deprecating. It allows you to submit “templatized” feed stories for users who have added your application. Just like stories published with feed.publishActionOfUser, these new stories show up in the Mini-Feed of the acting user as well as some of the News Feeds of that user’s friends who have also added your application. The templates allow you to give Facebook some more hints about the structure of your stories, which makes it possible for these stories to aggregate together in the News Feed, forming more interesting stories.

Eventually, we want to make it possible for you to register templates of stories to be visible to all users, not just those who have added your application, so this is our first step towards that goal.

You can read more about the method and see some examples in the wiki:

And you can play around with the new method in the Feed Preview Console:

If you have any problems with the new method, please report them in our public bug tracking system: