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Extending the Developer Garage Program with Intel

August 16, 2010ByJulia Lam

We're excited to announce that Intel is continuing its sponsorship of the Facebook Developer Garage Program. Last year, Intel sponsored 25 Developer Garages. Intel's developer program supports talented developers and is committed to fostering developer communities. Together, we will provide developers worldwide with some of the best resources for the next 30 Facebook Developer Garages.

Since Facebook Platform launched in 2007, Developer Garages have been grassroots efforts that bring local communities together to collaborate and hack with the latest Facebook social technologies. We've supported over 150 events in over 50 countries, reaching over 30,000 developers live and thousands more via live streams.

As part of our commitment to the Facebook Developer Garage Program, we're also announcing two additional new resources:

Join us for our upcoming Intel-sponsored Facebook Developer Garages in Denver (August 19), Taiwan (August 21), London (August 25), New York (September 1), and Palo Alto - Girls in Tech (September 11-12). Meanwhile, watch this video to learn more about the program!