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Making Your iOS Apps Social

August 12, 2010ByYujuan Bao

As we continue to provide developers with the tools to make applications social across platforms, today we’re launching an updated Facebook SDK for iOS (formerly iPhone SDK) for use with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps. With the Facebook SDK for iOS and the recently launched Facebook SDK for Android, mobile developers can easily build social apps withthe latest technology across two of the most popular mobile platforms.

Two key new features will make it easier to integrate Facebook into your iOS app:

With more than 150 million people actively using Facebook from mobile devices, we have a commitment to not only developing our own mobile sites and apps, but ensuring that developers can also build similar social experiences.

Since we first launched our first mobile SDK for the iPhone, the Facebook iPhone SDK, in March 2009, we’ve worked with some of the leading mobile app developers to provide easy-to-use SDKs. These include some of the most popular app developers in the iTunes store: Electronic Arts, foursquare, PopCap, SGN, Tapulous, Zynga, and Booyah, who have worked with the SDKs to build fun, social mobile apps and increase app distribution and user engagement. Here are some examples of what is possible on the iPhone and iPad.

To get started, download the Facebook SDK for iOS. Developers using the existing iPhone SDK are encouraged to upgrade, although we will continue to support the older SDK for the foreseeable future. Please share your feedback in the Developer Forum.

Yujuan, an engineer on the mobile team, is trying out the new iOS SDK.