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Making Home Page Navigation More Efficient

July 22, 2010ByJared Morgenstern

We're updating the left hand navigation of the home page to simplify users' access to the bookmarks to their most used applications.

As part of this, we're making it easier for your users to easily access and reengage with the applications they use most often. Platform applications now have equal opportunity for real estate on the home page. They can occupy the positions currently held by the Applications Dashboard, the Games Dashboard, and Photos, depending on which applications the user interacts with the most.

Starting today, application bookmarks can move "above the fold" (above the "More" link), based on how recently the user used the application. We're now displaying six bookmarks above the fold, which gives users an extra slot for one-click access to your applications.

If a user hasn't clicked a bookmark within the past 30 days, it will move below the fold. If multiple applications have been used recently and are above the fold, their order will be determined by the order in which each bookmark was added. Also, we will automatically bookmark applications for users when they visit an application that has not been bookmarked.

Additionally, we will soon remove the ability for bookmarks to link off the site, as very few users actually bookmarked external websites. The few developers who have this enabled, will need to update the Bookmark URL field in the Developer application to point to a canvas page. We'll announce this change again in advance of our implementing it.

We hope you're as excited about these changes as we are. Please share your feedback in the Developer Forum.

Jared, the product manager for games on Facebook, uses bookmarks to quickly get to his favorite games.