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Data Model Migration Under Way

June 30, 2010ByArun Vijayvergiya

As a reminder, today we will begin rolling out our new data model to all applications and websites that use Facebook Platform.

To ensure a smooth transition for this major change, we provided developers with a two-month transition period and enabled backward compatibility with all of our APIs. In addition, developers will have until July 14 to revert applications to the old data model for debugging purposes. You can temporarily revert the setting using the Developer application. (To do this, select your application, click the "Edit Settings" link, and then click the "Migrations" tab. On that tab, disable the "New Data Permissions" setting.)

We believe the transition to this new permissions model will give people much more transparency and control over the information they share with your applications and websites, while still allowing you to create innovative social experiences that are customized for your users.

We are carefully monitoring the Developer Forum for any issues that arise from this change. If you have any issues, please post a thorough description in the New Data Model forum thread.

Arun, an engineer on the Platform team, is glad so many applications have smoothly transitioned over the last few weeks.