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Reminder: Upgrade to New Data Model by June 30

In April, we announced a new data model to provide users with greater transparency and control of their information. As part of this feature, all applications that require more than a user's basic information will need to request explicit permission for additional data. The deadline for upgrading to this new data model is June 30, a little more than a week from now. Starting June 30, all applications and websites integrating Facebook will be upgraded to the new data model automatically.

In addition to providing greater control to users, this change also helps application developers. When you upgrade your application to the new data model, all requested permissions are presented in a single dialog rather than a sequence of separate dialogs. Based on our testing, this improves conversion rates by 28-41% for applications that require extended permissions like email address or stream publishing.

To upgrade your application to the new data model, visit the Developer application. Find your application and click the "Edit Settings" link, then click the "Migrations" tab. On that tab, enable the "New Data Permissions" feature. Check out the complete upgrade guide for details.

Bret Taylor is Facebook's Chief Technology Officer.