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Facebook Developer News May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010ByPete Bratach

We're excited to announce some new features we've released recently: the ability to get your stream stories translated and programmatically control migrations and block users on Facebook Pages.

Getting Your Stream Stories Translated

We've heard many requests for this and are happy to announce that you can now include fb:intl tags in the stories you post with stream.publish. Now your users can translate your stream stories for a more universal experience. Read the Internationalization Guide for more information.

Enabling New Platform Features

We launched two Migrations API methods so you can programmatically control whether you want to enable or disable new Platform features during their migration stage. Call migrations.getStatuses to return the list of migrations available, then use migrations.setStatus to set the migration.

Blocking Users on a Facebook Page

If you administer a Facebook Page, you can now use pages.blockFan to prevent the specified user from posting to the Page's Wall.

Staying Informed

Keep an eye on this blog to get the latest developer news, and check Platform Live Status to see the current state of Facebook Platform. You can subscribe to them both via email. We also publish a weekly article that lists the week's code check-ins impacting developers.

We hope you familiarize yourself with these features and we welcome your feedback in the Developer Forum.

A Pete, un escritor de Facebook, le gustan las noticias traducidas.