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Facebook Developer News April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010ByPete Bratach

New features released this week include the ability to render a button so users can add application tabs to their profiles as well as updated Adobe ActionScript 3.0 tutorials and documentation.

Prompting Users to Add Application Tabs

You can put an "Add Profile Tab" button in your application or site to prompt users to add your application tab to their profiles for easy re-engagement. All implementations using the JavaScript API can call FB.Connect.showProfileTabDialog or use the fb:add-profile-tab XFBML tag to render the button, while FBML applications can call Facebook.showProfileTabDialog or use the fb:add-profile-tab FBML tag to render it.

Grouping Application Stories in News Feed

If more than one stream story from the same application appears in a user's News Feed when the user visits the Facebook home page, Facebook will group them into a single story and display a "See More" link, which will display all the current stories by that application.

This affects stories that appear in the user's Most Recent stories as well as the Top News stories.

Adobe Updates ActionScript Library

Adobe published new and improved tutorials for creating Facebook applications using the ActionScript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook Platform, to coincide with their release of Flex 4 and the new Flash Builder 4. Download the ActionScript library and start building.

Adding Developers Requires Consent

When you add a Facebook user to your application as a developer, that user must confirm the request before being listed as a developer. The user will receive a developer request, and the user's name appears with a pending state in your application settings until confirmation.

Stay Informed

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We hope you get yourself familiar with these features and we welcome your feedback on the Developer Forum.

Pete, a technical writer on the Facebook Developer Network team, likes sharing the news.