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Giving You Control Over New Features

February 24, 2010ByJustin Bishop

We're always working to give you the best tools to create great social experiences for users, and to give users control over their applications. Today we're launching the Migrations tool to give developers control over when to integrate new Platform features or bug fixes.

Now, when certain changes go live, you can decide whether you want to enable those features and fixes initially, and test each one in a sandbox environment. Or, if you decide to hold off before trying out a new feature, the Migrations tool lets you disable it for the time being. In the case of features we deprecate, you can choose to keep the feature enabled for a short time to assist you with the transition. Eventually all features and updates go live to every application. We'll specify a transition window for each feature and fix that appears in the Migrations tool on the Developer blog or Platform Live Status tool. You can subscribe to these tools via email, to make sure you never miss an update.

The Migrations tool appears on its own tab in the Developer application. When we announce new features or fixes, you can go here and choose to enable them. By default, they're disabled. However, if you create a new application during the transition time when a feature appears in the Migrations tool, the feature will be enabled by default.

Our first migration fixes a JSON encoding bug that returns empty JSON arrays as "{}" instead of "[]".

Note that not every feature or fix we release will appear in the Migrations tool, only those that require significant code changes on your part.



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Stay Informed

Keep checking the Developer Roadmap so you can have advanced notice of what we're releasing for Facebook Platform. We also publish a weekly article on the Developer wiki that lists each week's code check-ins that impact Platform.

We hope you start using the Migrations feature and we welcome your feedback on the Developer Forum.

Justin, an engineer on the Platform team, has it all under control.