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Choosing the Right Ad Networks

November 25, 2009ByNick Gianos

Applications on Facebook Platform are businesses, and we want those businesses to succeed. That's why there is a variety of ways to monetize your applications, including using third-party providers offering services to help you along the way.

In an effort to keep you informed on the best ways to adhere to our policies and principles, while continuing to grow your business on Facebook Platform, we've created a list of monetization providers that are no longer permitted to operate on Facebook Platform or These providers have violated our policies and/or principles. We'll keep this list current, so if you have any questions as to whether your provider has been prohibited from operating on Facebook Platform, you can refer back to the list at any time. If we find an application utilizing a banned provider on Facebook Platform, that application risks enforcement action.

We have also updated the list of other known third party providers that are available to help you monetize your application.These providers are not affiliated with Facebook and, therefore, it is your responsibility as the developer to ensure compliance with all Facebook policies and advertising guidelines when using their services on our platform. We are committed to providing the best possible user experience and hope you will join us in doing the same throughout all areas of your application.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please direct any questions you may have to the Developer Forum. If you are a monetization provider and wish to contact us please direct inquiries to our Web form.

Nick is a member of the Platform team.