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Start Building with the Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform

November 9, 2009ByWei Zhu

We're excited to announce our official support for the Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform, which Microsoft released today.

This SDK contains rich social features and offers something for almost any kind of Facebook developer who is building with Microsoft technology, whether you're implementing Facebook Connect or are building a Web-based or desktop application. If you're one of the six million Microsoft software developers just starting to build for Facebook, you can use this SDK to make your applications more social, letting your users share and connect with their friends.

If you're building on the Web, you can use the ASP.NET library to easily build Facebook Connect sites or canvas applications using APIs and a rich set of ready-made Facebook controls. On the desktop, you can easily integrate Facebook Connect into your Silverlight, WPF, or Windows Forms applications.

The Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform joins the ranks of our other supported libraries, alongside PHP, JavaScript, iPhone, Adobe ActionScript 3.0, and You can check out the libraries with which you can build on Facebook -- both officially supported and community supported -- in the Client Libraries article on the Developer Wiki.

Releasing this SDK is Microsoft's latest move in helping make the Web more social. When we held our Facebook Technology Tasting event this past April, Microsoft was there to showcase applications built on Silverlight and .NET that utilize the latest features of Facebook Platform, such as the Open Stream API.

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Wei, a software engineer on Facebook Platform, is working on making the Web more open and social.