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New Adobe ActionScript 3.0 Client Library

October 22, 2009ByJustin Bishop

Flash continues to be one of the most popular languages for building engaging user experiences with Facebook, whether it's an application on Facebook like FarmVille or iLike, or Ben and Jerry's Flash Connect integration. To make it as easy as possible to build in Flash, we joined forces with Adobe last March to create a rich and social version of Adobe's ActionScript library for Facebook Platform.

We are excited to announce that Adobe has updated their library to bring you support for translations and the latest Facebook Platform APIs, like fql.multiQuery, the Comments API, and Inbox API. The new ActionScript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook is fully supported by Facebook and Adobe and makes it easy to build applications that combine the strengths of the Flash Platform and Facebook Platform.

You can get started, download the updated library, and find more information here.

Justin, a software engineer on the Platform team, looks forward to seeing the interesting things you'll build with Flash and Facebook.