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Facebook Events: See You There!

More people create events on Facebook than on any other website, and last year we created the Events API to extend the reach to applications. Today we're announcing a number of changes to the Events product and the Events API to make them easier to create and manage.

First, we're making a few changes to how users create new events so that the process is even quicker and more streamlined.

The biggest changes that will impact Facebook developers are:

  • We're merging the host field with the creator field in the event FQL table. We'll no longer require or render the host field.
  • The event type and location fields are no longer required by users, so the event_type and location fields may be empty sometimes.

Second, we're launching events.invite, enabling a user to invite any friends to an event for which the user has admin rights, if the user granted your application the create_event extended permission. Just pass an event ID, list of user IDs, and an optional personalized message. (Alternately, an application could create an event and invite its users to it, too.)

Finally, we're removing the requirement that an application must have created an event to be able to set the RSVP for it. Any application can now ask for extended permissions so that its users can RSVP to any event they've been invited to. We're excited to see cool new integrations within desktop applications and event management sites to help users manage their RSVPs all in one place.

Thanks for the feature request -- we're excited to deliver on it. If you have more feedback, we're all ears at the Developer Forum.

Alex, a software engineering intern from Brown University, would like an invite to your next event. please.