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Facebook Connect, Easy as 1, 2, 3

September 30, 2009ByAlex Himel

Earlier today, we announced Translations for Facebook Connect, which simplifies and streamlines the process of translating a website into to any of the more than 65 different languages Facebook currently supports. As we continue to provide ways for you to increase distribution and add social context to any site through Facebook Connect, we want to make implementing these tools as seamless and simple as possible. To meet this goal, today we are launching the Facebook Connect Wizard and Playground -– tools that simplify the implementation process so that developers and non-developers alike can experience the benefits of Facebook Connect including increased traffic and site engagement.

The Power of Facebook Connect

Establishing a presence on the social Web requires fundamental building blocks. Facebook provides these essential tools, including identity for a great registration system, and immediate access to 300 million active global users. Facebook Connect gives entrepreneurs of all sizes -- and with varying developer resources -- the ability to build traffic efficiently through reaching a relevant audience, while offering an engaging user experience. From making the registration process easier for users, to bringing friends together, to gaining distribution from sharing back to Facebook, there are many benefits that come along with Facebook Connect, and we're focused on helping you optimize your website and service to provide a more social experience for users.

With the Connect Wizard, you can now incorporate Facebook Connect into your site in 3 easy steps.

Additionally, the Playground for Facebook Connect provides code samples for adding profile pictures, user names, and friends to your site. We will continue to add more code samples as we see more usage. The team worked hard to put this together and looks forward to getting feedback. In addition, we're continuing to improve our Facebook Connect resources for developers to make it easier for you to learn and implement with new how-to guides and updated documentation.

Alex, a platform engineer, is adding Connect to all of his sites.