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Talking about Tornado

We announced and open sourced Tornado two weeks ago. Tornado is a relatively simple, non-blocking Web server framework written in Python. It's designed to handle thousands of simultaneous connections, making it ideal for real-time Web services.

Since then, hundreds of developers have started following the Tornado project on GitHub, the developer mailing list has become active with people from all over the world starting to use Tornado, and we've received over a dozen code contributions back to the project.

Building on his post, "The Technology Behind Tornado", Bret Taylor spoke to a few dozen developers about Tornado at a Facebook Tech Talk yesterday evening. We were excited to see Facebook engineers, members of the developer community, and the tech press at the event. You can read CNET’s Caroline McCarthy’s take on the talk here. Bret's slides and a video from the Tech Talk are embedded below, and as always we've posted the content on the Facebook Engineering Tech Talk Page.

It's great to see all of the developer excitement around Tornado and we'd love to hear about how Tornado helps bring real-time functionality to your own site!

David, open programs manager, wants to hear about your experience with Tornado.