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Celebrating Facebook Developers

We launched the Facebook Developer Garage program shortly after f8 in 2007 to encourage local communities worldwide to unite, share information, and create businesses that leverage Facebook Platform. More than two years after the program was conceived, we've seen over 125 Garages worldwide in over 55 locations.

Facebook Developer Garages span the globe from our backyard of San Francisco to Milan, New Delhi and Ghana. We've seen tremendous growth and dedication to the program through the creation of tightly knit developer communities all over the world. For example, the reoccurring Facebook Developer Garage London draws over 100 developers once a month while larger developer communities in Toronto and New York meet quarterly for the latest updates.

Please take a moment to watch this video celebrating the history and vision of the Developer Garage program and all of the developer hosts worldwide who've made this program successful.

The Facebook Developer Garage Program from Julia Lam on Vimeo.

To learn more about the Garage program, please visit our Developer wiki. We hope to see you at a Developer Garage soon!

Julia, who manages developer events worldwide, is excited to watch the developer garage program grow.