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Turning Website Visitors into Facebook Fans with the Fan Box

Over 8 million users become fans of Facebook Pages every day to connect with their favorite public figures and organizations and get updates directly in their streams. Now, users can connect with brands, musicians, celebrities, businesses, and more, whether they're on or off Facebook.

Today, we're excited to launch the Fan Box, a Facebook Connect-enabled social widget that Page owners can add to their websites to allow users to fan and view the accompanying Facebook Page stream. With the Fan Box, brands can bring content from their Facebook Page into their website and help convert website visitors into Facebook fans. Users can view the most recent posts from the Page, see a list of other fans (including their friends), and, most importantly, become a fan without leaving the site. Additionally, if a user visits the site and isn't logged in to Facebook, the user can log in and become a fan directly inline as well.

Threadless on Facebook


The Fan Box takes just a few minutes to set up and integrate into your website, using only four lines of JavaScript. The code is available from your Page - just click Add Fan Box to your site underneath your Page's profile picture. Each Fan Box includes the Become a Fan button. You can customize the Fan Box to include additional features including the stream of recent posts as well as a list of fans. The Fan Box can integrate tightly into your website - it takes a minimum of 200px width and 64px height for the button, and 554px height with all features included. You can read more detailed instructions on our Developer Wiki.

Check out some examples of how sites are integrating the Fan Box, and get inspiration for how you can add the Fan Box to your site.

  • Threadless uses the Fan Box to feature the videos and posts they make to their Facebook fans.
  • Newsweek integrated the Fan Box to encourage users to become a fan and get news updates through Facebook.
  • Coca-Cola's Fan Box integration encourages Coca-Cola customers to become fans on Facebook.

Others implementing the Fan Box on their websites today include ABC News, NPR, World Wildlife Fund, (RED), BlackBerry, Lance Armstrong/Livestrong, Roger Federer, Lenny Kravitz, Kings of Leon, Tide, and Herbal Essences.

We're looking forward to making it easier for you to connect with your fans across the Web. Please send us any feedback on the Developer Forum.