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Developer Resource Update

June 12, 2009ByKelly Stonelake Kreishman

With over 950,000 developers using Facebook Platform to build applications that engage millions of users every day, we are focused on making the developer experience as positive as possible. To this end, we continually welcome your feedback and have heard that clarification on our developer support resources would be helpful.

When you need support with Facebook Platform, here are some great places to start:

Platform Events and Announcements
We want to keep you up-to-date with the enhancements we make to Platform. Announcements large and small are made on this Developer Blog. We invite you to subscribe to the RSS feed to make it easier to follow. Brief announcements and bulletins about Platform issues appear on the Platform Status Feed, which also has an RSS feed you can subscribe to. The weekly Push Changes article describes what the Platform engineering team has added or fixed in the week's code push (typically occurring Tuesday night).

Commonly Asked Questions
This week, we launched a Platform and Developer Support section in the Facebook Help Center. Here, you can find answers to commonly asked questions ranging from "What is Facebook Platform?" to "How do I get my apps back if I've been disabled?". We will actively add to and modify the content here to ensure the information stays relevant.

Developer Wiki
If you are looking for general information such as sample code, client libraries, and other technical reference material, you can find this on the Developer Wiki. If you ever find areas that could use further explanation, code samples, or correction, we encourage you to edit the page yourself or leave a suggestion on the Talk page.

Developer Forum
The Forum is a place to discuss or inquire about technical issues, policy matters or documentation. This is a great resource to get input and ideas from other developers in the Facebook community; we have dedicated team members reading and responding every day, to help you get answers quickly and easily.

IRC Channel
The Facebook Platform IRC channel is a good place to chat with other developers and Facebook team members in real time. You can connect using your favorite IRC client or Freenode's Java chat applet to chat in your browser.

Bug Tracker
If you need to report a bug or would like to make a Platform feature request, please use Bugzilla; we triage it several times every day in order to assign appropriate engineering resources.

Developer Help Contact Form
If you have any questions that can't be posted for public view, or would like your application reviewed for certain privileges such as embedding Flash content or access to special permissions, please use the Developer Help Contact Form. To have one unified and efficient channel, we have discontinued the direct support email addresses and Platform contact pages we used in the past.

Our goal is to provide the best possible resources to developers in order to make it easier and more rewarding to use Facebook Platform to create valuable and engaging applications.

We love to hear what you think, so please use the Forum to share your thoughts on these resources.