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Join us in Boulder at TechStars

May 21, 2009ByDave Morin

A big part of Facebook Platform and Connect has always been mentoring and inspiring entrepreneurs to build new experiences using the power of the social graph. Here on the Facebook Platform team we spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs from all over the world helping them get the resources, education, and inspiration they need to build social applications that Facebook users will love.

Today, we're headed to Boulder as part of an up and coming incubator program called TechStars. Over the last several years, the Boulder startup community has grown to over 100 startups, and TechStars is the hub of the action. Founders Brad Feld and David Cohen have asked me to join the program as a mentor to provide guidance to this year's round of entrepreneurs as they look to leverage Facebook Platform technologies to get their businesses off the ground.

We are excited to lend our full support to TechStars and the Colorado startup community. Throughout the day Friday I’ll work with TechStars startups and hashing through the big problems they are facing and how the social graph can help. Friday night we’ll host an official Facebook Developer Garage Boulder.

It is exciting to see a flourishing technology startup community in Boulder. If you are part of the TechStars program, see you tomorrow. If not, and you are located in the Denver/Boulder area, please join us for Facebook Developer Garage Boulder tomorrow night. Here are the details:

See you there!