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Digg: Latest Site to Go More Social with Facebook Connect

Since Facebook Connect launched in December 2008, over 8,000 websites, mobile applications and desktop clients have integrated the service. We've seen sites based around everything from photos to blogs to events all implement Connect to increase engagement, reach new users, and become even more social. Today, we are excited to share that Digg is the latest to integrate Facebook Connect, making it easier for users to sign into the social news site, find friends, and share actions with their friends via Facebook.

Starting today, existing Digg users can benefit from a single sign-on by logging into the site with their Facebook account and confirming their Digg profile. New users can also register using their Facebook account and invite their friends to join. Users can interact with their friends who are also on the site, and share the stories they "digg," comment on, and submit, with all their friends back on Facebook. Finding stories on Digg gets even more interesting when you can see what your friends are doing, as well as the broader community. Just as with other Connect implementations, actions posted to a user's Facebook profile will appear in their friends' streams, and their friends can follow links back to Digg, furthering the cycle of sharing and discovery across the Web.

Friends and collaborative distribution make any experience more valuable, including those are inherently social, like video and music sharing, shopping, and watching TV. Here are some of the latest sites that have implemented Facebook Connect to allow users to bring their friends along with them:

  • As the first broadcast network to implement Facebook Connect, now allows you to share your favorite shows back to your Facebook stream. You can even alert friends when you're viewing shows so that they can join you back on to watch and chat about "How I Met Your Mother," "The Big Bang Theory," and other CBS hits, together.
  • Qik: Streaming video from your cell phone and sharing with friends has never been easier, thanks to Qik's new Facebook Connect integration. The mobile streaming service recently added Connect to its set of features to allow users to share uploaded videos and those commented on with friends, as well as alert them when new video is being streamed, so that they can join the user back on Since integrating with Facebook Connect, new user registrations on Qik have gone up 20 percent. Additionally, thousands of users are already using the Facebook Connect integration to sign up and upload multiple thousands of videos to Facebook from their mobile devices.
  • Shopseen: Shopseen is a site that unearths unique fashion finds in local stores near you. By integrating Facebook Connect, the site now enables visitors to share specific pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories with their Facebook friends, allowing for new discovery of local businesses and trusted referrals among friends.
  • Songza: Chances are that you and many of your friends have similar taste in music, which is a concept that Songza identified in 2007 when it launched as a music sharing, streaming, and search site. They've recently taken their sharing to new heights with the addition of Facebook Connect, allowing users to sign in with their Facebook identity and share full tracks and music videos back to their streams each time they add a new song to their playlist. Since integrating Facebook Connect, Songza's referral traffic is up 313 percent and the average session length of a Facebook visit has increased from almost 27 minutes to over 39 minutes.
  • Geni: Finding and connecting with your family on got even easier since Geni integrated Facebook Connect. Once you connect on Geni, it's really easy to find and invite your family to build up your family tree. Users who have connected their Facebook accounts have sent 153% more invitations to their family members than users who haven't.

As more sites add the power of authentic identity, sharing and the social graph, we look forward to people across the Web finding social value in the things that matter to them most.