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Instagram Boost Signal for Ad Eligibility

June 3, 2024ByJiao Yu, Darryl Jiang and Eddy Lee

The "IG Boost Signals" project provides a convenient and efficient way for partners and advertisers to determine whether their media is eligible to be boosted as an ad before doing so through an API. This new feature will provide earlier feedback to partners on whether their media is eligible to be used as an ad. In addition, we are also launching a feature (i.e., boost_ad_list) that will allow developers to retrieve the ad ID and ad status (i.e., active or inactive) for both current and past advertisements.

This project aims to provide better guidance during the boosting process as well as allow for developers and our partners to more easily track their boosted media. Ultimately, this project should provide a more seamless process in boosting their media.

Please refer to the following documentation for any questions or additional details on the upcoming change.

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