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Understanding App Use Cases

May 20, 2024ByEmanette Peniche

We’re continuing to expand use cases to make creating and customizing apps easier, unlocking more value for developers. App use cases enable developers to create apps quickly by allowing them to select the use case tailored to their goals. We launched the Facebook Login use case and have since expanded to gaming use cases. In the last year, we’ve learned from developers what is working and what can be improved to help developers in app creation and better set them up for success. Using those learnings, we are planning to launch many more use cases this coming year, including the upcoming Threads API use case.

What developers can expect when building an app use case:

Each use case bundles products, permissions and features, streamlining the app creation process and reducing complexity by ensuring developers obtain only what is required for a specific use case. Additionally, each use case is customizable and unlocks related use cases with enhanced functionality. As part of these improvements, developers will access a new app dashboard for more efficient app setup.

To offer guidance, we've crafted this video to provide insights into the experience. Since we are continuously improving the app creation process, some parts of the video may not exactly match the current experience.

App Onboarding Video

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We want to hear from you

We are constantly seeking developer feedback and making updates to the app setup flow to better enable developers to derive value faster and more efficiently. If you are a developer with active apps on the Meta Platform and are interested in sharing ways we can improve the app creation flow, please submit your information here, and we may reach out to you for future feedback sessions. For more information about the app creation and setup process, please visit our developer documentation.