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Publishing Stories with the Instagram Content Publishing API

May 16, 2023ByApurva Singh

Stories are now an eligible media type on the Instagram Graph API, giving third-party developers the ability to empower businesses to publish Stories to Instagram for the first time. This adds another media post type to third-party platforms and gives businesses broader access to a highly requested feature that is integral to the Instagram experience for businesses, creators, publishers, and users.

The Instagram Graph API enables Instagram Business accounts to publish up to 25 single images, videos, reels (i.e. single media posts), or posts containing multiple images and videos (carousel posts) per day using third-party developer platforms.

This API enhancement will be available for the current version, v16.0, and all previous versions of the Graph API. As there are no new endpoints or permissions, Stories will become automatically available for developers who already have access to the Content Publishing API.

These developers will not need to put their apps through additional App Review, as long as their apps have already been approved for the appropriate permission access levels.

Please view the developer documentation for additional information.