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Advantage+ creative standard enhancements now available in Marketing API

April 14, 2023ByKaren Chui

Advantage+ creative standard enhancements is now available in Marketing API. Advantage+ creative standard enhancements automatically transforms your images, text, and videos and shows more personalized versions of your ads to each member of your audience when we believe it will improve campaign performance. It is currently compatible with single image or video ad format and campaigns using the following objectives: Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, and Sales.

In a large-scale advertiser study we found that ads that were opted-in to standard enhancements delivered a 4% reduction in cost-per-result in campaigns optimizing for link clicks, landing page views, and offsite conversions*.

To learn how Italian fashion retailer, Miriade, achieved 56% lower cost per purchase and 36% lower cost per add-to-cart with standard enhancements, check out this case study, available here.

How does standard enhancements work?

For an advertiser’s provided single image or video asset and text, standard enhancements may apply the following types of enhancements when our ads system believes that it will improve the ad’s performance:

  • Media enhancements: to help increase the quality and user appeal of the image or video provided, standard enhancements may optimize the provided creative by adjusting image brightness and contrast, varying the aspect ratio, or adding a template to help an image better fit a Feed placement
  • Ad-level compositional changes: we may make adjustments to the display and arrangement of components within or around your ad based on what the people seeing your ad will likely respond to. Enhancements may include displaying relevant Facebook comments or using provided text to appear as primary text, headline, or description.

Ways to implement Advantage+ creative standard enhancements in Marketing API:

There are two ways to implement Advantage+ creative standard enhancements in Marketing API

  1. With a user interface: developers can build a user interface with ad preview capabilities which will allow advertisers to manually turn on Advantage+ creative standard enhancements and preview their ads for each campaign they create.
  2. Without a user interface: developers can choose to implement Advantage+ creative standard enhancements without building a user interface or preview capability, which means Meta will determine which advertisers and campaigns should be using the feature and will turn it on for them automatically.

For further information, please visit this Help Center article or the developer documents here and here.

*The analysis results are based on one-month of experiment data on 154,000 ad accounts during the period May 2, 2022 - May 30, 2022 where the eligible ad sets had a conversion type of link clicks, landing page views, or offsite conversions with ads customized by placement. Results were statistically significant lift.