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Rapid 2.0: Improving speed and efficiency in map editing

April 4, 2023ByChristopher Beddow & Abhishek Tripathi

Today, we are launching the new Rapid editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM)! Rapid 2.0 builds on the strengths of its predecessor in providing a powerful and efficient map editing tool, driving a higher level of mapping detail, quality and accuracy.

To complement this release, our naming has also evolved: RapiD is now Rapid. The Rapid editor is now hosted at, where you can visit the new landing page for an introduction to the tool, and start editing at

Feature Highlights

Speed and performance have always been at the core of Rapid's mission, and with Rapid 2.0, editing maps is faster than ever while still ensuring that Rapid drives a higher level of detail, quality and accuracy on the map. We completely rewrote the rendering engine that powers Rapid to be 10x faster in day to day use.

As a result, Rapid 2.0 feels much snappier in its latest form. We can display a dense amount of features in the map view, including at zoomed-out levels like city-scale. This becomes ever more important as mappers continue to add more detail to OSM every day. Rapid’s new engine also makes it easier for us to add new map features more swiftly based on feedback from mappers everywhere.

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA could not be edited at zoom 15 with Rapid 1.x vs editing at zoom 15 with Rapid 2.0

Thanks to the performance overhauls in Rapid 2.0, all layers can be enabled without slowing down the user experience. Rapid 2.0 no longer hides certain data layers. Finally, labeling of points, lines and polygon features is improved to ensure optimal visibility of map data and text, without interference.

Chelmsford Center, Chelmsford, MA USA few labels show up in Rapid 1.x vs more labels in Rapid 2.0

Opportunity and Current State

Rapid is a map editor built on a solid foundation with new supercharged performance. This paves the way for future feature development on top of a modern codebase. The number of datasets available in the Rapid open data catalog continues to grow, and Rapid continues to prove itself as an effective tool for global mappers of all levels to solve the various challenges in maintaining the high level of detail and accuracy on OpenStreetMap.

Rapid provides hundreds of millions of ready-to-add map features. Shown here: address points in yellow.

The features that have set Rapid apart since 2019 are also still front and center: quickly and accurately adding map data from approved authoritative sources via Esri’s Community Maps program, and machine learning generated roads and buildings from Meta and Microsoft.

Rapid has millions of AI-predicted features from Meta and Microsoft.

Authoritative geospatial datasets, high-quality performance, and user-centered development are the cornerstones of the new Rapid, and our look and feel have evolved to reflect this future-focussed approach to mapping. As the tool has matured–from a tool to map with AI to an all-encompassing, high-performance map editor–we’re thrilled to reinforce our name that reflects the rapid pace of mapping a changing world.

Looking Forward

Here are some further examples of improvements the team is scoping out:

  • Ensuring seamless integration with MapRoulette and HOT Tasking Manager

  • Improving ability to validate and utilize Mapillary detections

  • Making Rapid more accessible across devices and browsers

  • Seeking more official datasets to share in Rapid

A community continues to grow around the tool, and the team invites as much user feedback as possible. You can get involved with the community of Rapid users on multiple platforms, listed on the Rapid website. Reporting bugs or requesting features is highly encouraged: you can click the bug report button at bottom right of the editor, or go straight to making a GitHub issue.

Rapid emphasizes the bright future in the world of map editing, with new possibilities in how we create and maintain global data accurately. Looking ahead, the team will continue to build with the community, elevating Rapid as a tool to grow access to map editing and collaboratively map the world.

Join us on this adventure – get started today with the new Rapid!