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Recap the Meta Avatars announcements from Meta Connect 2022

October 11, 2022ByJun Pak

Today, we broadcasted our 9th-annual Meta Connect 2022 developer conference — where developers, creators, and technology enthusiasts join us to explore the latest advancements and innovations we’ve made across augmented reality, virtual reality — and developments towards the metaverse. Along with several exciting announcements, we shared our latest vision for Meta Avatars and how developers, like you, can join us on our journey to the metaverse — co-creating social & immersive experiences by integrating Meta Avatars into your own app and gaming experiences.

We shared news around the latest on our Meta Avatar SDK, the Meta Avatars Store, and several new avatar experiences coming to our social platforms. Be sure to check out our detailed post to learn more about:

  • Meta Avatars SDK platform & engine expansion
  • Full body avatars (legs!)
  • Meta Avatars Store availability in VR
  • And new innovations we’ve made for avatars in our own products

In case you missed it, you can watch the keynote and sessions on-demand online — and be sure to check out our new Meta Avatars developer webpage to learn more about our Meta Avatars SDK and documentation.