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Updating Location Targeting to include New US Congressional Districts

May 19, 2022ByNeil Shrimanker

Advertisers can choose to target ads based on U.S. federal congressional districts. To enable our partners with more options to better reach their audiences, we are adding new location targeting options to reflect updated U.S. congressional districts which reflect the 2020 census.

Starting May 19, 2022, an additional set of location targeting options will be available for updated US congressional districts following the US 2020 census. These will be added to all ads interfaces (including the API) and will be denoted with “2020-census”. For example, North Carolina’s updated district 5 will be available in location targeting as “North Carolina’s 5th District-2020-Census, United States”.

As new congressional districts are finalized, we will make them available in all our ads interfaces, including the API. If a state’s updated congressional map is currently in litigation, there will not be a new targeting option for it yet. If an updated congressional district isn’t available yet, we recommend using other location targeting options based on locations such as, such as targeting postal codes, cities and counties.

The existing, pre-2020 census congressional district targeting options will remain available through the beginning of 2023. These districts’ names and boundaries will remain the same. For example, North Carolina’s pre-2020 census district will be available as “North Carolina’s 5th District, United States”.

The targeting API will support the existing and new electoral districts through the beginning of 2023 as well.

We will continue to provide updates on any changes regarding US congressional district ad targeting via this blog.

As a reminder, advertisers in the United States wishing to run ads about social issues, elections or politics must become authorized and create disclaimers to run these ads. Visit the Elections Hub or our FAQ for more advertising resources.