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Meta Launches Mobile App Ownership Confirmation for Developers

April 7, 2022ByLogan Girard

Today, as part of our ongoing efforts to prevent fraud on our platforms, we are introducing a new process to verify ownership of mobile apps on the Meta for Developers App Dashboard. Beginning April 7, 2022, developers of newly created Meta apps will be required to confirm ownership of any new Google Play or iOS mobile app before the app can be added under Settings. This will block advertisers from being able to optimize their app ads’ delivery for mobile app installs if the app ownership has not been confirmed. If your app requires ownership confirmation, you or the person who manages your app will receive a message in your app's Alert Inbox, as well as a notification in your App Dashboard. In the future, you may also be alerted of this requirement via email. Failure to take action may result in loss of platform access or other app disruption.

Confirming ownership via app-ads.txt

When adding or editing apps on App Dashboard, developers must confirm mobile app ownership via an app-ads.txt file on the website domain listed within their app store listing.

To complete mobile app ownership confirmation, developers can visit the app settings section of their App Dashboard. After entering package or bundle information for their mobile app, developers can start the ownership confirmation by selecting “Confirm ownership” at the bottom of the page. We’ll check to make sure a valid app-ads.txt file exists at the domain URL provided and confirm app ownership, or outline errors that should be corrected before trying again.

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Learn more about confirming mobile app ownership with app-ads.txt or explore how to troubleshoot issues with app-ads.txt.

Our commitment to more transparency and security in the mobile advertising ecosystem is a responsibility that we share with all participating developers. As always, we’re grateful for your partnership in this important effort.