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Introducing Facebook Graph API v13.0 and Marketing API v13.0

February 8, 2022ByMengjiao Zhu

Today, we are releasing Facebook Graph API v13.0 and Marketing API v13.0. Below, we’ve highlighted changes that will impact parts of our developer community. These changes include announcements and product updates, reminders from prior launches, and notifications on large-scale deprecations that may affect your application(s)’ integration with our platform.

For a complete list of all changes and their details, please visit our changelog.

General Announcements and Updates

Platform Selection Update

In the coming weeks, apps will need to have at least one platform selected on the basic settings page with the relevant information to ensure the app is reviewable. In addition, the relevant information associated with each platform (such as Web URL, Apple App Store ID, Android Key Hash, etc.) will need to be accessible. If these requirements are unmet the app can only be used by app users who have a role on the app.

If an app is currently non-compliant with this requirement, the developer will receive an initial warning via email and be given one week to resolve the issue before the app is deactivated. Permissions and feature access will be restored upon fixing the issue.

Simplifying campaign objectives with Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences

As announced in December, 2021, we have redesigned the objective selection experience when creating new campaigns in Ads Manager. We are moving to an Outcome based Ads Manager, where advertisers can select their designed business outcomes (e.g. Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, Sales) and the interface will guide advertisers to the most optimal campaign setup/creation paths to achieve that outcome. This new experience will gradually rollout on Ads Manager throughout 2022.

Learn more on how this impacts developers in our developer blog. We recommend developers implement these new API changes by the end of April 2022.

Marketing API: Targeting Simplification

On January 19, 2022, we made changes to simplify and streamline our targeting offerings by removing certain Detailed Targeting options related to topics people may perceive as sensitive.

Marketing API: Lookalike Audiences New Opportunities

Beginning with Graph API v13.0, to help advertisers find additional opportunities that weren’t originally available to them, when advertisers leverage Lookalike audiences and optimize for conversions, value or app events using the conversions objective they will be automatically included into Targeting Expansion. For more information please refer to the Lookalike Targeting Expansion Expansion Help Center article.


Beginning with Graph API v13.0, the product feed upload error code XML_JUNK_AFTER_DOCUMENT has been renamed to DATA_OUTSIDE_XML_TAGS to provide more clarity and transparency. This is a name change only and applies to Marketing API v13.0+.

Permissions Access Updates

Starting with v13.0, only apps that manage integrations on behalf of other businesses will be able to request advanced access for permissions that grant access to business assets. Apps that manage integrations for only their own business do not need advanced access to these permissions. We are also announcing that standard access for the Leads Retrieval API Permission will now include access to Webhooks and usergen response.


WhatsApp Business API: Conversation based pricing

As announced in June, 2021 we will be launching conversation-based pricing on February 1st. The switch to conversation based pricing will go into effect at 12am on February 1, 2022 based on WhatsApp Business account (WABA) timezone.

Action Required: All WABAs will need a payment method attached to have more than 1,000 conversations per month. The first 1,000 conversations each month are free and payment method is not required. Learn more about attaching payment method here.

  • Developer docs for:
    • New conversation webhooks to track conversations in real-time. These webhooks were released with v2.37 on October 1, 2022. v2.37 (or a more recent version when available) is required to use this feature.
    • New conversation analytics available starting February, 2022 through the WhatsApp Business Management API

Instagram Video: Combining IGTV and Feed Video

As announced in October, 2021 we are combining IGTV and feed videos into one format - Instagram Video. In-app, the IGTV tab has been replaced with a new combined video tab where videos will live. This means that going forward, videos of all lengths will no longer have titles, and the FEED vs IGTV distinction will be phased out.

For all current API versions, for all Instagram Videos:

  • IG Media media_product_type will only return FEED (i.e., IGTV cannot be returned)
  • IG Media video_title will not be returned
  • Instagram Webhooks comments and mentions fields will be supported

We will be deprecating IG Media video_title and will throw an error if requested in 2-years.

Developer Policy 5.5

We have updated our Developer Policies to further our commitment to building a safe and secure platform for people, businesses, and developers. With the launch of Developer Policy 5.5, we’re providing a clear stance on recidivist behavior and the actions we may take to address it. Recidivist actors are developers, actors or businesses who attempt to repeat policy-violating behaviors by circumventing enforcement(s) using new Apps or accounts to re-enter our Platform.

Developer Policy 5.5 states:
“We may take enforcement action, including permanently removing your App(s) and developer account, if you create or maintain App(s) to circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, our enforcement actions. An attempt to circumvent could include creating or maintaining App(s) to bypass any restrictions or enforcements we’ve placed on your other App(s) or developer account due to a violation(s) of our terms and policies.”

Deprecations & Breaking Changes

API Version Deprecations:

As part of Facebook’s versioning schedule for Graph API and Marketing API, please note the upcoming deprecations:

Graph API

  • February 3, 2022: Graph API v5.0 will be deprecated and removed from the platforme
  • May 5, 2022: Graph API v6.0 will be deprecated and removed from the platform
  • August 4, 2022: Graph API v7.0 will be deprecated and removed from the platform

To avoid disruption to your business, we recommend migrating all calls to the latest API version that launched today.

Marketing API

  • Marketing API v11.0 will deprecate on 02/23/2022
  • Marketing API v12.0 will deprecate on 08/09/2022

To avoid disruption to your business, we recommend migrating all calls to the latest Marketing API version that launched today. (Visit the changelog for more details).

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