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Celebrate the Season With Sharing to Stories

December 16, 2021ByJohn McCarthy
  • Six of our global partners are celebrating the end of the year by helping the people who use their apps bring important milestones and incredible memories to life.
  • To complement these celebratory experiences, our partners are making it easier for people to Share to Stories.

Sharing to Stories enables our partners to help people express themselves in fresh and exciting ways. This holiday season, we’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration with a few of our partners. The end of the year marks an important time for reflection - How did I spend my time this year? What have I learned? What did I create? For many of us, the mobile apps we use are an amazing mechanism to reflect on these questions, and with Sharing to Stories, our partners are helping the people who use their apps bring important milestones to life. We’re proud to showcase how six uniquely fun and interesting partners are celebrating the end of 2021, and looking ahead to 2022.

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  • B612 and Snow, two leading global photo and video apps, are helping people transport themselves to the best NYE 2021 party around.
  • Anghami, a music streaming app, is enabling people to look back on the music they loved in 2021. What songs were their favorite? What artists piqued their interest? And, what does all of that say about their personality?
  • Kwai, a short form video app, is encouraging people to celebrate creativity by compiling and personalizing a special Year in Review 2021 video.
  • WeSing, a social karaoke singing app, is helping people remember the songs they’ve listened to and performed - were they a Karaoke Master, a Party Lover or a Star Finder?
  • Likee, a video creation and sharing app, is helping people remember all the cool videos they made, fans they’ve gained and creators they’ve found.

The moments that make up a year matter, and sharing them with friends and community is fun and easy with Sharing to Stories. Take a look at the experiences our partners have built, and use their Stories integrations to share what you’re celebrating this year.