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Announcing expanded functionality in Limited Login

April 12, 2021ByJohn Bullard

6/10/21 Update: We have expanded Limited Login functionality to also include user_hometown, user_location, user_gender and user_link permissions, which are currently in beta. In addition, the Profile on Limited Login has been updated to include first, middle and last name as separate fields.

The current version of Limited Login with support for these new permissions is available on Facebook iOS SDK or Facebook SDK for Unity version 11.

Today, we’re announcing that we have expanded Limited Login functionality to include the user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range permissions, which are currently in beta. To implement the version of Limited Login with support for user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range, update your Facebook iOS SDK to version 9.2+ or Facebook SDK for Unity to version 9.1+. The original version of Limited Login which only supports name, profile pic and email is available on version 9.0+.

With Limited Login, developers receive data at a point in time (when the user provides consent with FB Login), which means developers will not be able to continuously refresh user data by calling FB APIs with an access token. This new method has minimal impact with data that changes infrequently or not at all, such as user_birthday and user_email. For more dynamic user data, such as the user's friends list, developers have the option to reauthenticate users at any time. In addition, for the user_friends permission, developers may show new friends within in-app experiences as long as the friends connection appears on the friends list of at least one user

As a reminder, Facebook Login now supports two distinct modes - Classic Login and Limited Login. Your app will pass Facebook a flag indicating the mode you have chosen for each of your users:

  • Limited Login is based on the OpenID Connect Standard. When using this limited version of Facebook Login, developers receive user data at a point in time, and the fact that a person used Facebook Login with this iOS app will not be used to personalize or measure advertising effectiveness. Note that Limited Login mode utilizes a JSON Web Token which does not support Graph API queries. Today, Limited Login supports name, profile pic, email address, friends list, birthday and age range.
  • Classic Login mode remains unchanged from the Login product you and your users already know and love. It allows users to create new accounts or access existing accounts while granting your app the ability to access (with Facebook approval and user consent) certain Facebook data intended to improve their experience in your app. Note that Classic Login mode utilizes an oAuth 2.0 Access Token which supports Graph API queries.

The modes are interoperable (meaning that you can update a user’s mode at any time) and may be used conditionally. Regardless of the mode you choose, users can still control the Facebook data they have granted to your app at any time via their Apps and Website Settings.

For more information on this new version of Facebook Login, including implementation documentation and FAQs, visit