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Announcing upcoming support for user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range in Limited Login

March 23, 2021ByJohn Bullard

Today, we’re announcing that we are actively working to add user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range to Limited Login in early spring 2021. Limited Login is based on the OpenID Connect Standard and when using this limited version of Facebook Login, the fact that a person used Facebook Login with this iOS app will not be used to personalize or measure advertising effectiveness.

Limited Login currently allows users to create new accounts or access existing accounts on your app while only sharing their name, profile pic, and (optionally) email address. Since launch, we’ve listened to feedback from our valued developer community and recognize the desire for additional permissions that enable more personalized and social experiences.

Limited Login is a key member of the FB Identity product portfolio. As such, we will continue to invest in it and expand the functionality we provide and permissions we support to make sure we’re serving developers and users to the best of our ability.

To implement the current version of Limited Login which supports name, profile pic and email, update your Facebook iOS SDK or Facebook SDK for Unity to version 9.0+. We will provide a future update with information on the SDK version that supports user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range when it is available.