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February 2009 Platform News

February 28, 2009ByPete Bratach

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our communication with our developer community, we offer you our second monthly roundup of all the announcements, new features, and updates to Facebook Platform that occurred during February, 2009.

New Features


  • We removed the dependency on Script# core JavaScript libraries.
  • The fb:comments tag works on both canvas pages and in profile tabs. Also note that the uid passed to the tab link for FBML generation is the profile ID not the viewer ID.
  • We standardized the format of arrays in the Platform API. Going forward, any new API method will take JSON-encoded arrays only.
  • The new deadline for the additional restrictions on other content related to alcoholic beverages -- including unbranded, generic drink images -- is now March 6th, 2009.



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