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Dashboard improvements give developers more information and control

December 17, 2019BySamuel Kitono

We’ve released today new features in the App Dashboard that will give developers additional information and insight into our permissions process and ultimately make the app review process easier for developers.

App Review enables Facebook to understand how developers are using and accessing the platform, and during this process, developers request access to the permissions that allow them to access necessary information from the platform.

While this process is integral to the integrity of our platform, we realize that it means a few additional steps for our developer partners, and we’re continually releasing new features to make this process easier. We’re excited to announce three new features in the App Dashboard:

Better understand needed permissions:

During the app review process, it’s important to only request access to permissions that you need. To make it easier for developers to understand which permissions they need, we’ve released a new tool that shows past API calls and commonly used endpoints.

Dashboard improvements give developers more information and control

Remove unwanted permissions:

We send you messages in your dashboard inbox or personal email that are related to the permissions requested, and you will need to take action on these messages. If you’ve requested access to many permissions, you may receive many messages.

With our new feature, you can remove a permission from the dashboard and no longer receive messages related to this permission.

View App Review requests:

We’ve also launched a new page where you can see all the past submissions you’ve made for App Review. This information gives teams insight into what permissions have been requested before and improves submissions moving forward.

Learn more about App Review: