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Messenger Graph API v5.0 Release

October 30, 2019ByNitin Garg

We’re excited to share some updates to the Messenger platform as part of Facebook’s Graph API v5.0 release. Here’s a quick summary of all that’s new:

Easily select app for click to Messenger campaigns

We are making it easier for brands that have multiple apps connected to the Messenger platform to easily select the app that they want to use for their click to Messenger ads. The first phase of this solution is now available for businesses and we plan to announce additional improvements in the coming weeks.

Icebreakers to help people start conversations with a business

Brands can now set icebreakers on their Messenger profile via the API. Icebreakers help businesses reduce friction in starting a conversation by surfacing common questions or topics of interest.

View user reactions & message replies

Reactions help people express themselves and feel more connected. Now, businesses can see people’s reaction to messages from businesses and build a deeper connection with their customers. Message replies adds context to a conversation. Businesses can see which message the user is responding to. This adds more clarity to the conversations and helps businesses respond to inquiries better.

We believe message reply and reactions will help brands personalize the conversations even more when interacting with their customers.

For updates on all the features that are impacted by this release, please refer to the change log. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!