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Regional Winners for the 2019 Developer Circles Community Challenge Announced

October 16, 2019ByChukwuemeka Afigbo

Building on the momentum of our F8 Hackathon in May, we dived straight into our 2019 Developer Circles from Facebook Community Challenge - inviting developers to create software solutions that help build community and bring the world closer together.

This year, we invited participants to submit entries using React360, Spark AR and/or HTML5 Games, across categories including Gaming and Entertainment, Productivity and Utility, and Social Good.

As always, we were astounded by the inspiring and innovative solutions shared by individuals and groups from across the globe.

We saw a participant from North America use Messenger to build a game that makes language learning fun, a team from India deploy React to create a synced experience for cinema-loving friends, and a duo from Sub-Saharan Africa use Spark AR to inform consumers about health and budget considerations when shopping.

We also welcomed participants to a series of Build Days hosted by local Developer Circles in over 140 cities, where developers and community leaders connected and collaborated on their entries.

The first phase of the challenge has now come to a close and the regional winners have been selected!

Here are the regional winners of our 2019 Community Challenge

Asia Pacific

  1. First Place: ColorMax
  2. Second Place: Fun with English
  3. Third Place: BaghChal. Nepali Board Game
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: Glass Runner!
  5. Honorable Mentions: Skating AR; What to Eat?


  1. First Place: Faceboard
  2. Second Place: Necksplorer
  3. Third Place: Tales for the Future
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: Draw with your nose
  5. Honorable Mentions: My Bitcoin Clicker; zRada Game


  1. First Place: Virtual Galaxy
  2. Second Place: Roar
  3. Third Place: AR Pool
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: KettleMind - Brain Games & Cognitive Training
  5. Honorable Mention: Space Walk

Latin America

  1. First Place: Escooteros
  2. Second Place: Quito 360
  3. Third Place: WeLoveBlocks
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: Monstrovia 3D

Middle East and North Africa

  1. First Place: WeLearn
  2. Second Place: All Around
  3. Third Place: ARocketX
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: The Tiny Giant
  5. Honorable Mention: Hungry Heads

North America

  1. First Place: Streets Ahead
  2. Second Place: PhotoBooth AI
  3. Third Place: InterVR
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: Cadenza!!
  5. Honorable Mentions: The Snakeman; Miss Bot’s Classroom; SUR for Spark

Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. First Place: Aptero
  2. Second Place: HealthPro
  3. Third Place: Consume Wise
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: JusticeBot

And, the hackathon isn't over yet! These winners will have the chance to update their solutions based on judges' feedback and resubmit to compete for our top global prizes! The first place winner will walk away with up to $25,000.

We can't wait to see what our global developer community continues to build!