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Messenger Platform Update

October 8, 2019ByShankar Venkataraman

The latest release of the Messenger Platform is here! This release includes Private Replies, User Level Persistent Menus and more. Here’s a quick summary of all that’s new:

Private Replies

We’ve made improvements to Private Replies. Private Replies used to only allow plain text to be sent. With this update, businesses can send images, templates and quick replies as part of messages sent in response to a post or comment on their Page.

Dynamic Persistent Menu and Composer

We’re making it easier than ever for businesses and developers to personalize conversations with their customers at the user level on Messenger. With this beta, apps will be able to dynamically change the persistent menu and the visibility of the composer, providing relevant menu options at different points in the customer’s journey. Developers and partners can sign up for this closed beta here.

URL Buttons Have App Link Support

We’re improving mobile integration capabilities in Messenger by introducing App Link Support for URL buttons. Now when people click URL buttons with the App Link metadata, it will enable developers and businesses to provide a button that will directly open the target native app.

Developer Opt-In to Changelog Notifications

Developers can now subscribe to email notifications for Messenger Changelog.

We’ve built these new features to make the Messenger experience more seamless and useful than ever for developers and businesses. We’re always innovating to provide you with the tools to build the absolute best experiences on Messenger.