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Introducing App Review Merging and Revamped Notifications

May 1, 2019ByVijay Natarajan

To simplify the app review process, we are merging the Instagram and Marketing API App Review sections into general App Review. To improve our communications, we are also launching enhancements to our notifications to make them more discoverable and actionable.

App review products merging

Previously, developers requesting Marketing API and Instagram permissions would need to make two app review submissions (one under products and a general app review submission for manages_pages).

We are excited to announce the launch of one of the top developer requests — Instagram and Marketing API permissions will now be found in the main App Review tab and can be submitted along with other permissions, meaning only one submission is required.

Revamped Notifications

We are continuously working to improve our developer communications, and we are launching revamped jewel notifications in the app dashboard. The new notifications are designed to be more organized and actionable, allowing developers to see all notifications related to personal or business-owned apps.

We are also launching a new apps tab in Business Manager to more easily find notifications related to your apps.

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