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Introducing New Ways to Bring Immersive Web Content into VR

April 30, 2019ByJacob Rossi

Today at F8, we introduced several new ways to see, save and experience immersive content in a VR headset or on a smartphone. We’re making it easier for developers and creators to create this immersive content and make it available to millions of people to experience seamlessly across devices. Through WebXR, we’re opening the doors to the next frontier of the web.

Discovering Content in VR

Starting today, you can explore the completely redesigned new tab page in Oculus Browser, which makes it easier to discover content in VR. Through research and feedback from our users, we’ve completely reimagined how to bring the best of WebXR right to your fingertips. You’ll find popular websites, immersive media and the best of the VR web whenever you create a new tab. Link your Oculus Go or Gear VR headset to Facebook and the page will highlight 360 photos and videos, along with 3D photos from your friends and the Pages you follow. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to evolve the overall look and feel of the browser to make it more comfortable and intuitive.

Submit Your WebXR Content

The Oculus Browser’s new tab page is not just a great way for people to find VR content on the web, it's also one of the ways we're helping developers and creators get their VR content discovered. Starting today, we’re inviting developers to submit their WebXR projects for consideration. Selected projects will be showcased in the Oculus Browser. Fill out this submission form to get started.

Save to VR

Every day, people are sharing immersive content on Facebook — from 360 photos and videos to 3D photos. Brands and businesses are doing this too, along with even more interactive 360 experiences enabled by frameworks like React 360.

While all of this content looks great and feels fun on a mobile phone, it’s even more immersive and enjoyable in VR — which is why today we’re introducing a new feature in the Facebook app called “Save to VR.” Now when you see immersive content on Facebook, you can easily save and revisit it later when you’re in VR. Here’s how it works:

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We believe that the fundamental power and promise of WebXR lies in seamless experiences across contexts and devices. WebXR will redefine the ways we learn, work and play — allowing us to connect more immediately, intimately and creatively with the people we care about.

WebXR marks the beginning of a new generation of immersive experience. Facebook, together with the open source and web standards community, is helping to write the next chapter in that journey.